Why do you need a UPS in your home?

Protect, connect, and continue. Secure your home and remote work with an APC UPS.

Aug 1, 2023

In an increasingly digital world, the protection of electronic devices and continuous connectivity are fundamental. For this reason, having an UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) has become essential. Both for the home user and for those who work remotely. 

But first things first:

What is an UPS? 

An UPS is your protective shield against power cuts, voltage fluctuations and surges. If a power outage occurs, it serves to maintain the electrical power supply of electronic equipment, providing additional running time for users to save their work, turn off devices safely, or continue their work uninterrupted.  

If, for example, a lightning strike causes an overvoltage, the UPS will filter that overvoltage through its AVR (automatic voltage regulator) system. It is important to clarify that the UPS does not perform the function of protecting the entire electrical network, only ensuring that what is connected in its outputs has regulated voltage or tension. 

What type of electronic equipment can I protect? 

You can protect your computer, printer, router, modem, cameras and other essential electronic devices in your home. This avoids costly damage and ensures the integrity of your equipment to keep your digital life running smoothly. 

Benefits of having an UPS: 

In addition to protecting your devices, an UPS gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your data is safe. You can save your files and close your programs properly in case of a sudden blackout. Also, it allows you to continue working uninterrupted during power outages, maintaining your productivity in teleworking and ensuring that your tasks are completed on time. 

The APC BV series is an ideal, reliable and affordable option for protecting your electronic devices. These UPSs have a backup capacity suitable for your needs and offer a compact and elegant design that perfectly fits any space in your home. In addition, the BV series voltage regulation technology stabilizes the electric current, protecting your devices against long-term damage. 

In summary, having an UPS is a smart decision for the home user and those who perform remote work. Protecting your electronic devices, ensuring operational continuity, and keeping your data safe are invaluable benefits that an UPS provides.  

Don't wait for a power outage or voltage fluctuation to act. Secure your home and enjoy uninterrupted digital life.

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