Can a UPS become the best ally for gamers during their matches?

The best option for gamers

Aug 25, 2023

But, what is a UPS? What is it for? Why do I need it? 

A UPS is an uninterruptible power supply that guarantees power supply to the electronic devices connected to it in case of a power failure. If that happens, the UPS will instantly send power to your Xbox, PlayStation and/or PC protecting your equipment against unsafe levels of electricity that could irreversibly damage them.  

It is an essential part of your equipment that will protect your devices against damage and unexpected disconnections, so you will have time to save the game or finish the online match to avoid penalties for abandonment. 

 The premises for finding the best UPS for PC gaming are three: keeping you protected, connected, and in the game. 

  • Protected:

    a backup battery for video games protects your expensive and valuable video game system against more than 7 different types of electrical irregularities.

  • Connected:

    after safely turning off the video game, a UPS for video games will continue to power your router and/or modem, enabling you to stay online and play mobile video games or even watch movies. 

  • In the game:

    Did the power go out? Don't worry. Stay in the game to finish your match or final battle and reap the rewards that you would have otherwise lost. 

What is the main difference between UPSs? 

The voltage capacity, number/type of outlets, runtime, and user interface are the main differentiators between different UPS models. Below, you can see a comparative chart of the characteristics of the most commonly used UPSs for home and gaming: 

APC's power protection solutions are designed to provide a stable connection to the devices that people and business managers use for their communication, security, and entertainment needs. In the latter case, you can count on a UPS as your ally to play uninterrupted! 

APC UPS. Undisputed ally for your gamer life.  

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